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Portable Digital X-Ray machine for COVID diagnosis launched

By AT News

Sunday, Jul 19, 2020 (08:07 pm)

A Bengaluru based healthcare company ITIE Knowledge Solutions has launched a portable digital X ray machine, in a joint venture with a South Korean company called HDT. This machine, equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI), can help doctors monitor the health of covid-19 infected patients and also diagnose early infections in patients.

Speaking to the media today, Dr. Sanjeev Kubakaddi, Founder, ITIE Knowledge Solutions said, “The covid-19 infection first attacks the respiratory system in humans and hence our solution will be very helpful to do large scale scanning. This digital X-Ray device, which works with AI technology, detects the Pneumonia percentage level of the patients in a simpler manner without much difficulty.”

“COVID19 is quickly causing fatal damage to the lungs, and people are dying with pneumonia. The portable X-Ray machine can be used in hospitals without any dedicated ‘dark’ room, and can also be used in ambulances and outdoors. This makes it convenient for the authorities to detect the infection and pneumonia in patients in an easier and cost-effective manner,” Dr. Kubakaddi added.

The device is light weight (weights about 1.8 kg) and battery operated. Once the X-Ray is taken by the machine, it will send the report via WhatsApp or email or the Radiologists directly in three seconds.

Dr Sanjeev Kubakaddi further explains, the machine will be available at a cost of approximately Rs 35 lakhs and one full charge of the machine can result in 100 X-Rays. Each X ray will cost Rs 33 in the greater run.

Dr Kubakaddi says “this type of X-Ray machines are also mentioned in central government’s list of 33 equipment’s which are critically needed to put up a strong fight against coronavirus. Such machines are being used in South Korea, US, and Vietnam to scan the patient’s chest for any early signs of infection.”

This Portable X-Ray machine is being used by a Karnataka-based COVID Hospital and is giving good results. According to the Doctors, it is very convenient considering the size of the X-Ray device. It can be taken anywhere inside the Hospital and outdoor environment to take chest X-Ray.

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