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[Photonics Korea 2020] HDT to introduce Mine, its X-ray generating device

Original Korean Article written by:

이은실 (Eun Sil Lee) 2020-11-12

English Translations by:

Karl Yang 2020-11-12

HDT will be introducing its X-ray generating device Mine at the International Photonics Industry Exhibition and Conference 2020, which will be held Nov. 19-27 at KAPID online non-face-to-face consultation room and the X- homepage.

HDT is developing and manufacturing medical devices under the slogan “Technology development that benefits humans.” Mine, the company’s major X-ray generating device, is a low-dose product that took the safety of both the patients and users into consideration. In January and February 2020, the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company delivered this product to screening clinics in Seoul and military hospitals, contributing to inhibiting the spread of the coronavirus.

The company staff said, “HDT is developing new products through continuous technology development in the future, and it aims to become the number one company in X-ray by 2025. The mobile rechargeable low-dose equipment is the biggest feature of our X-ray equipment. As it is a rechargeable mobile type, it is portable and convenient to use in emergency sites, islands, and medically vulnerable areas. It enables basic inspection in urgent sites such as emergency disaster sites, and it is easy to use outdoors in special situations such as military units. If necessary, it can be installed and used by using a cradle, and it is easy to install and disassemble, so it is easy to move and install.”

The company’s objective of participating in this online export consultation is “to develop overseas markets. Our sales are affected due to COVID-19 pandemic, so we are aiming to increase sales along with product marketing overseas.”

The main events of the International Photonics Industry Exhibition and Conference 2020 hosted by Gwangju Metropolitan City and organized by the Korea Association for Photonics Industry Development are as follows. △On-line road show for promising technologies/products in the optical convergence industry △Export conference inviting domestic and foreign influential buyers (24-hour online export consultation system for post-COVID crisis) △ Information session and forum △PLC, LiDar development strategy online seminar △Information session and forum

The items exhibited at the show are optical communication, optical fusion lighting, optical medical bio, optical precision, optical material parts, optical image information, optical imaging information, and optical energy.

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