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Meet the Team

Enter the World of Innovations, Together with HDT Co. LTD Korea


Mr. Joonho Oh


+82 62 431 7752

"We have and will continue to research and develop technology for the betterment of human-kind. We believe and hope that our technology will be the foundation for the future development of medical products worldwide, bringing happiness to future generations.

To improve national competitiveness, HDT will join the Fourth Industrial Revolution with the world's best technology to underpin regional economic development and create an optimal corporate climate based on the best ideas to enhance shareholders and employees' value."

"가치 아래 우리의 기술이 인간 세상에 도움이 되고자 합니다. 우리의 기술은 세계 최고의 제품을 생산하는 밑거름이 되고, 그 제품은 인간 미래에 행복을 주는 기술이 되었으면 합니다.

에이치디티 주식회사는 국가 경쟁력 향상을 위해 세계 최고의 기술로 4차 산업혁명에 동참하여 지역 경제 발전의 밑바탕이 될 것이며, 주주와 임직원의 가치를 향상시킬 수 있는 최상의 아이디어를 바탕으로 최적의 기업 풍토를 만들어 갈 것입니다."

Sanjeev Kubakaddi.jpeg

Welcome to the World of Innovations @ HDT Co. LTD Korea

"I am very excited to join the team HDT as a Global Head – Sales & Marketing. MINE is an amazing product in the Handheld Portable Digital X Ray space. The customers and the potential customers are all excited to use the device across the globe. It is the World’s Safest X Ray device. MINE is very much useful in contactless scanning of COVID19, TB, Pneumonia patients in the new normal. We join our hands in eradicating TB from the world with the global agencies who are front runners."

Dr. Sanjeev Kubakaddi

Global Marketing Head

+91. 99453 66945

Jose Molina.jpeg

Ing. José E. Molina M.

Latin America Specialist

+52 55 66 74 22 62

Bienvenido a la Innovación Global de HDT Co. LTD Corea

"Hoy más que nunca, la innovación y seguridad es esencial para la óptima asignación los recursos médicos. HDT ha logrado crear el sistema de rayos X más compacto y seguro del mundo que permite de manera ágil, portátil, y con inteligencia artificial, realizar diagnósticos para diversas especialidades, incluso para diagnóstico neumológico de COVID19. Estamos orgullosos de asociarnos con HDT, y hacer partícipes a los sectores médicos de estas tecnologías."

"Above all, innovation and safety are essential for the optimal allocation of medical resources today. HDT has created a global x-ray system that is quick, mobile, artificially intelligent and enables various COID diagnostics. We are proud to be involved in this technology in collaboration with HDT."

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